Kiwi is excited to offer API access our per-day activity-based insurance product for medical expense deductible.

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Why Partner with Us?

Customer Benefits

Emergency accident and sickness medical cover. Emergency evacuation. $0 deductible.

Company advantage

Providing low cost insurance to customers helps you save money from potential accidents or liability.

Easy use

The process of getting insured with Kiwi could not be easier, as it is just a click of a button.

Distinctive Experience

Peace of mind for your customers to embrace the experience

Potential Partnerships

Our range of partnership goes from ski resorts to grocery stores.
We love to create new bonds to keep people safe!

Outdoor Associations
Sports Leagues
Outdoor Venues
Adventure Tours
Race and Event Organizers

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There are tons of great reasons. Just to get started, your company’s general liability policy only protects your business leaving your customers exposed.

We focus on providing insurance for injury and related medical expenses from first dollar. Specifically, we cover medical indemnity deductibles, medical evacuation and many other benefits. We usually use a predefined package but open to have a conversation to tailor it for your business.

Not at all. A general liability policy provides protects your business. Kiwi covers your customers when they pursue activities you offer.

As a partner, you receive referral fees for directing customers to Kiwi. It’s based on a range of volume of you customers expose to our API call. Insurance industry practices prohibit us from rebaiting distribution channel via commission payments.

It’s simple. Fill in the registration form. Our team will review the submission and will get in touch. Once approved, you will receive access to our partner portal for integration.

Our team makes it easy. We created a simple tool for you to plug our code snippet into existing check out page. In attempt to streamline the integration, we provide a sandbox environment to ensure everything runs smoothly. Plus, do not hesitate to reach out to us at

As a partner, you receive a monthly statement and referral fees. By linking to your check out page, we charge your customer credit card at the checkout.

Our partner portal supports this and much much more.

During the check out, your customers have an option to choose Kiwi cover. When the box is checked, the customer will see a chargefor insurance coverage from Kiwi upon successful payment.

Not at all.It’s a simple and light code snippet. You have the option to put it where you like on the check out page. Our team will work with you to ensure smooth transition.

Please reach out to us with questions at